2017.4.25 Phanthip Thaisilk

Woven into each piece of Thai silk is a subtle beauty, reflected in intricate patterns, colors and styles. Each piece recalls the best customs and cultural heritage. Weaving Thai silk is traditional craft, a delicate art requires meticulous skill. An exciting incomparable work whose soft rustle conjures up image of an unmatched elegance that over the centuries has graced kings and queens, emperors and empresses around the world.

Thai silk by Phanthip's are high quality and worm by persons of high rank, They are exquisite sumptuous and elegant.

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Thai silk fashion have been around the world for their luxury, comfortably, airy and little weight property, Various pattern, shade and exquisite.

Thai silk has luster apparent, fabric is delicate for Comfortable casual wear or an official uniform.
Look for this sign when shopping for Thai Silk.
A quality approved by “Thai Silk Association”